If the sky was the limit I would get the Oeuf Crib with the changing table addition and the toddler conversion kit. Sadly we are on a budget here and I am afraid the Oeuf Crib will not fit. I have searched many other similar styles in many different price ranges:

Any one of these cribs fit nicely in with the vision I have for the nursery. Then, when I least expected it, from a place I would never have thought I found a crib. It is solid wood construction, it has great reviews, it is so affordable we may be able to get the matching dresser or changing table… and it is from Walmart. I know, I know, I was just as surprised as you are. Honestly I wouldn’t have though to look there had I not seen this blog post. There are definitely some differences that one would expect in a crib less than half of the cost of the dream crib, but I would say it is pretty close. M&I are hoping to get a look in person before making the final decision.