In the past year I have become a total freecycle junky. If you are unfamiliar with freecycle let me give you a short primer. First head to and find a group near you. Sign up to be a member of the group. Soon emails will start rolling in daily with all sorts of free treasures. I have unloaded computer parts, art supplies, yarn, old phones, bikes, magazines, etc that I was no longer using to people who were more than happy to have them and put them to use! I have also been the recipient of shoes, yarn, and most recently a changing table. I had fully intended to use a spruced up version of our Malm dresser as a changing table but then I saw one listed and figured what the heck. It has 4 drawers for clothes and a side cabinet to hold diaper changing stuff. I was warned that it had been well used so I knew this would be a little project for M & me. My plan was to paint it white, change out the hardware with some knobs we have from another project. I may have stopped there, but then I saw these picnic table designs by Karyn Fiebich. I love the white on wood look of them. I am almost wondering if I can achieve the same look by sanding down the mahogany finish and freehand painting with white. My lessons with my grandfather in sign painting should help me out there. I am confident that this will be a project to be proud of when we are finished and I will try to remember to post pictures.