M&I made some major progress on our changing table this weekend. I located this gem on freecycle and last weekend M took the time to sand all of the surfaces. We primed everything and now we are ready give it the final coat. We are using no VOC primer and paint which I am happy to say has very low odor as advertised. A few fans in the window did the trick. The white primer has already made a big difference in the look of the piece and I think it is going to look great once we coat it with the semi-gloss white paint. The gray design for the drawer fronts is still up the air but we have ideas. We also have small silver IKEA knobs that we got a while ago because they were on sale that will make a nice change from the clunkier wooden ones. This before picture was taken by the former owner but at least it gives an idea of where we started. All in all the most expensive part of this project has been the paint and we could have cut that down by a lot had we not been so hasty. We bought a gallon where a quart would have been more than enough and bought a quart where we could have purchased a half pint. At least now we have more than enough to complete this project, few others that have been lingering, and enough primer to use for the wall we are painting in the nursery.