This picture is from Flickr user teahaus. How cute are those baby toes!!

For ease of night changing I have been investing in sleep gowns for Thumper but I am thinking it might still be a little drafty for her little legs. Well apparently this is a solved problem! I could go ahead and purchase some Babylegs (a little pricey if you ask me) or knit some (I am not really the fastest knitter) but I think the better solution is to find some long socks, on sale of course, and sew a few up! Even with my limited sewing skills I am pretty sure I can follow this pictorial tutorial on Flickr by Baby Hopes. (There is another easy to follow tutorial here that is all in one blog post for easy viewing.) If it really starts to go wrong, M knows his way around a sewing machine or maybe there is a sewing grandmother or grandmother-to-be out there that would like to make a few? Hint hint.