There are about a million newborn essentials lists out there, most of them conveniently provided by the very same places you can create a registry. Imagine that! I am using this list from Consumer Reports as my guide since they seem to focus more on what is really needed. Car seat, check. Co-Sleeper, check. Changing table… almost check. It is painted and almost completely assembled but still not in place. I promise there will be pictures. Snow suit, check. Night light, check. Nursing cover up, check. Ok, this isn’t an essential, but I am allowed a few “nice but optional” things! Hand-me-down clothes, carriers, strollers, a diaper bag, blankets, hats, socks… check check check! I have been really fortunate to receive a lot of hand-me-downs and very much appreciate how generous people have been. Even the outfit we will be using to take her home is a hand-me-down. There are a few more things I would like to have on hand for her arrival like diapers (of course!), bottles, a pump, nursing bras, and a changing pad. I would also like to knit her a hat and some leg warmers but they come after the nursery is done.