I know I am new to this whole having a baby thing but really is there something so special about a diaper bag that a large purse or messenger bag couldn’t do? Frankly, if I am going to drop a bunch of money on a new bag I have a few earmarked already and oddly enough none of them have a built-in changing pad. Today on Unclutterer (a great site for a pack rat like me who is desperately trying to change their evil hoarding ways) Erin posts about sleek and streamlined diaper bags. It seems there are plenty of parents out there who have been able to get by without a full diaper bag. Having seen the Skip Hop line in person I can say that I do like the design and the Pronto seems like a great way to carry the essentials. I of course had to check out etsy as well to see what other options might pop up. There were many but I really like the Clean Cheeks All In One Diaper Kit. Cute fabrics, well thought out design, and a changing pad large enough to keep baby and whatever surface I am changing on separate. I also like that this particular print is good for a girl or a boy and M shouldn’t feel embarrassed having to carry it.