M&I decided to hold off on a crib and get a co-sleeper so Thumper can be right next to the bed but not in the bed where we would be afraid of rolling over on her. Sadly there are not that many modern design options for co-sleepers so we went with the Arm’s Reach Mini. I wanted the black but Grammy insisted on not black for baby and since she was buying I decided that was fine. Don’t tell her but I actually really like the turquoise. Out of the box it is pretty much ready to go in play yard form. With a few simple adjustments I had it together and in place next to the bed. My one concern was the mattress. It took me a moment to realize that the thing they were calling the mattress is a foldable foam covered board with a plastic cover. Needless to say the creased bumpy foam was not making me happy. I mean Princess Thumper should be sleeping on a soft and cushy perfect mattress, right. Well not really. SIDS is a real and scary thing and infants should be on a very firm surface when sleeping. What about the bumpy creases? After some searching, I found a simple, inexpensive fix and piece of mind from some more experienced mothers out there. First, a quilted mattress pad will add a little but not too much padding and smooth out the creases. Second, as one very astute mother pointed out in the comments of this post, the baby won’t really notice. Think about where a baby sleeps. On you, on the couch, in a car seat… so this should be no problem.