7 weeks until the big day! I am anxious and excited and really hoping Thumper comes on time. In the meantime I have been trying to think about some of the things I know I will want to have but maybe too tired to remember in the first weeks after the little one makes her debut. Pictures have been pretty high on my list of things that I fear may be forgotten. After all tomorrow is another day… but I have found with this kind of thinking that before you know it months can pass. This post on milestones by the folks over at Young House Love has some really great options for documenting the first days, weeks, and months of your peanut’s life. I like their idea, with tutorial, of taking a picture every Friday with a plain white onsie and then using Photoshop to add her age.  I found myself clicking on John & Sherry’s other posts and their nursery progress (especially their crib hunting post) to find some other great insights and ideas.