I know I recently posted about how I didn’t need  a diaper bag blah blah blah, but I got one. Before you judge me, hear me out, I think you will agree it was a good decision. So part of my argument against a diaper bag was the cost, part of it was the idea that I probably don’t need every little thing from every essentials list out there. What changed my mind? As I was checking out at a very posh little baby gift store with coupon in hand and every intention of only buying a Puj tub, a bag caught my eye. It was on the floor, a little dusty, but just the style of bag I really like. Since it didn’t look specifically like a diaper bag I asked the very nice person behind the register if that was indeed a diaper bag. She said yes, but it had been damaged, the strap had been burned by the lights in their display case. She then told me that if I liked it she would be willing to give it away for next to nothing. I asked what next to nothing was and in the end, nothing was a little over 50% off. I am glad I got it. It is large enough that we are planning on using it to pack our stuff for the hospital, and it will easily be an overnight bag for many years to come for baby. As for the strap, I already am thinking of clever ways to cover over the damaged part.