In anticipation of being very very tired and not all that interested in cooking during the first few weeks (months?) after Thumper’s arrival, I have started stocking the freezer with easy to prepare meals in convenient 2-4 serving portions. I suppose this is my version of nesting kicking in. What am I making? So far I have eggplant lasagna, pumpkin lasagna, chicken enchilada casserole, chicken stew, and apricot breakfast crumble. I am also planning on making a batch of chicken meatballs. Frozen without sauce and separately they are so easy to warm up while pasta is cooking for any number of people. And of course we have a few easy meals in our arsenal like poached eggs in tomato sauce (we use jarred sauce and add sausage but you get the idea.) We already decided that preparing a full Thanksgiving meal with only one week until D-day is probably not going to happen and have placed an order with Fresh Direct for their extra small Turkey dinner with all the fixing’s, even the pie! Best of all? They deliver! We plan to take advantage of this service come December and January. Things are falling into place!