Thumper has officially made her way into the world! We are so very happy to have her here. Her debut was 12.05.2010 at 11:51pm. Her journey was not what I had planned and I wanted to share a bit. When putting together our birth plan we made decisions on thing like a C-section (no way!), epidural (maybe/maybe not), minimal separation between baby and mommy so that the first feeding can happen naturally that first hour after birth, I definitely wanted her to room in with us after, and no way no how is my daughter going to drink formula or from a bottle. How did it really go down? Three days of labor, I couldn’t wait for the epidural, and after all of that a medically necessary C-section with baby taken directly to the NICU. They brought her to my lips for a kiss before whisking her off, and that was all the contact we had for the next half day. Long story short, she was given bottles of formula, we didn’t get the immediate skin to skin contact, and she wasn’t able to room in with us. In fact I was discharged before she was which was probably the most stressful part of the whole first week of her life. On her 14th day of life I can safely say that although she and I missed that first skin to skin contact that is so prized in all the classes we attended, Thumper is still very attached to me and I am very attached to her. Some days only Mommy can calm her. Although we got a rocky start in the high stress environment of the NICU, Thumper is now exclusively on breast milk, although Daddy does give her a bottle every once in a while so Mommy can get an extra bit of sleep. My advice, go ahead, make your birth plan, then be prepared for things to go all pear-shaped, and turn out just fine in the end. Baby is calling now and you may not hear from me so much in the next few days (weeks?) so I will go ahead and wish you a Merry Christmas!