Having a baby is an adventure to say the least. Thumper is now in a phase where she does not want to be put down. Half the time she doesn’t even want to be held by anyone but mommy. I miss being able to use both my arms, or eat a hot meal, or… I digress. Today just as I was getting desperate I put some Jack Johnson on the stereo and guess what, Thumper’s eyes started to close and I was able to put her down! Can you hear my sigh of relief!? Although I love Jack Johnson I can’t imagine I am going to love him much longer if I have to listen to him all day everyday. In a search for some lullaby music I came across a very interesting genre, lullaby renditions of adult tunes. Are you a Metallica fan? Maybe The Beatles are more your speed? Personally I went for Smashing Pumpkins. I haven’t tried it out on her yet (hey, I would be crazy to switch from Jack Johnson at the moment) but what is my next purchase if this works? NIN of course.