There are many changes that come along with having a baby. First your body transforms in ways you never thought possible. If you decide to breastfeed your body may start looking like what you had pre-pregnancy but a few times spent fumbling to get your little one access to food and you realize you are still not free to wear whatever you want. So how does one stay stylish while making the transition to mommyhood? Nowadays women can feel free to show off our baby bumps with pride and maternity clothes are much cuter than the tent-like floral tops our moms had to wear. And stores like Old Navy have a maternity line so looking good doesn’t have to break the bank either. Nicole over at Making It Lovely has put together really handy style guides for both maternity and nursing clothes. I totally agree that cardigans are your friend in pregnancy and while nursing and they don’t have to be specifically maternity. I do highly recommend having a wrap cardigan which can help protect your modesty while nursing in public.