I can’t believe how quickly time is moving. Thumper is 3 months old and just over 10 lbs. She has learned to roll from her tummy to her back, a trick that dazzles her mom and gets her out of tummy time. I am back at work full-time. Before becoming a working mom I would have never understood what it would entail. Thumper sleeps with us and tends to really settle in right at 6am, just when my alarm goes off. Sigh. I shower, take her while my husband showers, usually I am nursing her while putting on my makeup thanks to the boppy pillow. Then I hand her off to her dad while I finish getting ready and head out the door to get an early start at work. I pump at the office to make sure Thumper has food for the next day and after a full day of work I head home to nurse her. I rarely get a chance to make dinner since I have not yet mastered nursing in a sling so that task is left to my husband. Once Thumper is asleep I get maybe an hour to prep lunch or try to pump a little more or maybe just relax and watch a sitcom before I pass out. Life with a baby for me has meant I am constantly in the moment. I take things as they come and figure everything will sort itself out.