When people tell you to enjoy every minute because it goes quickly, they sure aren’t kidding!! I can hardly believe 8 months have flown by already. Being a new mom (and being a new stay at home mom) has been fantastic, but little Miss O sure does keep me on my toes. As her Grandmother says she is precocious. This kid has been crawling for months, has standing holding on to things down pat, and is practicing taking steps with a little help from Mom and Dad. If these first months are any indication of how quickly times passes, I know that I need to get my butt in gear and start planning a first birthday party! This will be O’s first party and I would like it to be special. I am starting to gather ideas for the cake (or cupcakes), planning out a happy birthday bunting, finding invitations, and some DIY decorations including this adorable pull string pinata featured on Young House Love. As usual these guys have fabulous ideas and great tutorials! I am sure I will be stealing a few more ideas from Clara’s first birthday party and making them my own. I suppose first I should choose a theme and then the other decisions will start to fall into place.