Artwork for Nursery

I heart illustrator Katie Moon.  Starting yesterday, she very generously is going to be giving away a free illustration every day for a year.  If you are looking for some adorable images for your little one’s room this is a great way to keep things fresh and seasonal. Be sure to check her blog oohmoon everyday!

Decorating for Baby

M&I decided a while ago that we were going to keep things simple in Thumper’s room until we were more sure where we were going to end up in the next few months. This has relieved the stress of her arrival but has also got us thinking about making her room in our next place something special. I was not familiar with Milk magazine before today but I am now hooked! I especially love this bedroom. What a wonderful big kid bed and those lights are just spectacular. I am already thinking about pulling out my knitting needles to make a blanket similar to the one pictured (looks like seed stitch to me) and seeing if I can’t find a pattern for an owl similar to the one in the picture. I am not sure that black walls and dark slate floor are my first picks for a kids room but they do work well in the case. You can check this issue of Milk out for yourself and see what catches your eye. via

Changing Pad Covers Revisted

I know I have already talked about the sad selection of changing pad covers available so I don’t need to go into it again. Well it just so happens I am one very lucky non-sewing momma-to-be! Using this tutorial M’s mom was able to whip up two adorable covers. She made one mistake though. She mentioned they weren’t too difficult to make so if we wanted more we should ask. For all of you sewers out there, give it a try, and if you are a non-sewer like me see if you can enlist the help of a sewing relative. I think these would make great baby shower gifts considering the options available for purchase. Although it looks like the pictured cover was just made for my little one’s nursery it is actually a picture from the tutorial! I will include a picture of one of the covers with my changing table picture.

Nursery Organization

M&I are ready! To be honest, I think a huge part of feeling this ready is that we aren’t sure if we are going to be moving house in the few months so we decided to really go low-key with the nursery. We did a touch up on the paint, her co-sleeper is in our bedroom, and we didn’t go overboard on decorations figuring she isn’t going to be spending a whole lot of time in that room anyway. The only real project we took on was the changing table. Don’t worry, I know I still owe you a picture. I will get to it… probably before her first birthday. When we do go  all out on a nursery these tips will come in very handy. There are so many wonderful inspiration ideas out there but this article over at Charles & Hudson focuses on some of the more practical aspects of putting together a nursery like crib placement and lighting.

Finishing Touches

This weekend was very productive. M&I finally finished the changing table (if you don’t count the design we plan to paint on the front) and the crane lamp, as well as a few other projects that had been lingering. It always feels nice to check a project off the list. With no real sign of Thumper’s arrival just yet, we are free to continue our purging, cleaning, and preparing. Since I punk out pretty quickly, M has been great at picking up the slack and getting things done. We are looking forward to our low-key Thanksgiving weekend to get even more things done, unless of course we have a very tiny visitor, which would be just fine as well.

Stocking Up

In anticipation of being very very tired and not all that interested in cooking during the first few weeks (months?) after Thumper’s arrival, I have started stocking the freezer with easy to prepare meals in convenient 2-4 serving portions. I suppose this is my version of nesting kicking in. What am I making? So far I have eggplant lasagna, pumpkin lasagna, chicken enchilada casserole, chicken stew, and apricot breakfast crumble. I am also planning on making a batch of chicken meatballs. Frozen without sauce and separately they are so easy to warm up while pasta is cooking for any number of people. And of course we have a few easy meals in our arsenal like poached eggs in tomato sauce (we use jarred sauce and add sausage but you get the idea.) We already decided that preparing a full Thanksgiving meal with only one week until D-day is probably not going to happen and have placed an order with Fresh Direct for their extra small Turkey dinner with all the fixing’s, even the pie! Best of all? They deliver! We plan to take advantage of this service come December and January. Things are falling into place!

Felt Birds

We are getting closer to D-day all the time. Only about 4 weeks left. M&I are so excited for Thumper’s arrival and now that the nursery is cleaned up and cleared out we have begun putting the finishing touches on the projects we have going. The origami crane lamp is just about finished. We still have one small hack before we could call the changing table finished but it currently holds a changing pad and the bulk of Thumper’s clothes and accessories. We plan to paint a design as well, but with time getting short, that may or may not happen before her arrival. And as much as I don’t need another project, I keep seeing things that catch my eye. How cute are these felt bird pins? The combination of felt, embroidery, and beads make for a really adorable decoration for a nursery. I can see putting together a few for a mobile or wall decoration. via


I know I recently posted about how I didn’t need  a diaper bag blah blah blah, but I got one. Before you judge me, hear me out, I think you will agree it was a good decision. So part of my argument against a diaper bag was the cost, part of it was the idea that I probably don’t need every little thing from every essentials list out there. What changed my mind? As I was checking out at a very posh little baby gift store with coupon in hand and every intention of only buying a Puj tub, a bag caught my eye. It was on the floor, a little dusty, but just the style of bag I really like. Since it didn’t look specifically like a diaper bag I asked the very nice person behind the register if that was indeed a diaper bag. She said yes, but it had been damaged, the strap had been burned by the lights in their display case. She then told me that if I liked it she would be willing to give it away for next to nothing. I asked what next to nothing was and in the end, nothing was a little over 50% off. I am glad I got it. It is large enough that we are planning on using it to pack our stuff for the hospital, and it will easily be an overnight bag for many years to come for baby. As for the strap, I already am thinking of clever ways to cover over the damaged part.

Photographing Baby

7 weeks until the big day! I am anxious and excited and really hoping Thumper comes on time. In the meantime I have been trying to think about some of the things I know I will want to have but maybe too tired to remember in the first weeks after the little one makes her debut. Pictures have been pretty high on my list of things that I fear may be forgotten. After all tomorrow is another day… but I have found with this kind of thinking that before you know it months can pass. This post on milestones by the folks over at Young House Love has some really great options for documenting the first days, weeks, and months of your peanut’s life. I like their idea, with tutorial, of taking a picture every Friday with a plain white onsie and then using Photoshop to add her age.  I found myself clicking on John & Sherry’s other posts and their nursery progress (especially their crib hunting post) to find some other great insights and ideas.


M&I decided to hold off on a crib and get a co-sleeper so Thumper can be right next to the bed but not in the bed where we would be afraid of rolling over on her. Sadly there are not that many modern design options for co-sleepers so we went with the Arm’s Reach Mini. I wanted the black but Grammy insisted on not black for baby and since she was buying I decided that was fine. Don’t tell her but I actually really like the turquoise. Out of the box it is pretty much ready to go in play yard form. With a few simple adjustments I had it together and in place next to the bed. My one concern was the mattress. It took me a moment to realize that the thing they were calling the mattress is a foldable foam covered board with a plastic cover. Needless to say the creased bumpy foam was not making me happy. I mean Princess Thumper should be sleeping on a soft and cushy perfect mattress, right. Well not really. SIDS is a real and scary thing and infants should be on a very firm surface when sleeping. What about the bumpy creases? After some searching, I found a simple, inexpensive fix and piece of mind from some more experienced mothers out there. First, a quilted mattress pad will add a little but not too much padding and smooth out the creases. Second, as one very astute mother pointed out in the comments of this post, the baby won’t really notice. Think about where a baby sleeps. On you, on the couch, in a car seat… so this should be no problem.